Wednesday, July 25, 2012

EOC WEEK 3 Thank you for smoking


1. Determine the scenario: What happens in this frame?
The cigarettes make the models seem relaxed and look more sexy. The woman seems to be enjoying a cigarette on her break from working as a waitress and the stud is looking cool while lighting up.

2. What is the setting? What are the conditions?
 In the ad the sun is shining and everything seems carefree because they are smoking Camel cigarettes. Their worlds are better because of Camel cigarettes.

3. Who are the people or groups?

The models are a young professional and a stud.
The man is depicted as a sex symbol while the women is a hard working waitress from the retro age, maybe from the sixty's.

4. What are their goals?
The goal of this ad is make the consumer feel like they can look cool by smoking Camel cigarettes or feel relaxed while your on a break from work, no matter what situation your in, a Camel cigarette will provide pleasure.

5. Are there conflicts? Is there cooperation? 
Cigarettes cause quick aging, wrinkling and many other health problems over time but the models in the ad are healthy, young and carefree. Some effects of smoking are clearly stated on in the ad but the way they have presented them make them seem like an after thought.

6.What are the outcomes?
 No matter what the risks of smoking are people Still continue to do it, they may not do it to look cool but they get instant gratification and pleasure from doing it. It may be the action of putting their hand to their mouth and inhaling, the feeling of smoke entering their system or even that light headed feeling you get from that first drag of the cigarette.

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