Wednesday, August 15, 2012

EOC: Vintage Ad

This Teflon ad is saying that Teflon nonstick cookware is the perfect gift for any occasion, give it as a Christmas gift, give it as a birthday gift, it really doesn’t matter what the occasion any homemaker would love to own Teflon nonstick cookware. Your son could by it for you or even Santa could gift it to you, Teflon is the perfect kitchen essential for homemakers around the world. You shouldn’t be caught without this non-stick cookware, kits the top on the line in cookware and anyone that’s anyone should have the Teflon cookware in their kitchen.

This Jolly Green Giant ad explains that Jolly Green Giant vegetables or “Nibltes” are better than the competitors because Jolly green doesn’t pack their corn with lots of water so when you eat jolly green “Niblets” you get that fresh corn on the cob taste that other brands don’t. That’s the Jolly Green standard in vegetables. This ad is cute and I remember them from when I was growing up. My mother always bought the Jolly Green Giant brand of vegetables and I think it was smart of the creators to make this ad appealing to a younger audience because you know when kids see something on the TV they beg their parents for it and seeing that corn is healthy I know more moms bought this brands.

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