Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Super Bowl Ad EOC


Who: M&M's

What:  Candy Stripping

when: Night

Where: Party/lounge

Why: Brown shell confused other candy

This ad that was played during the 2012 Super Bowl was hilarious! It is appealing not only because everyone loves M&M's but also because sex sells. As you watch the female candy is explaining to two women at a party that's he isn't naked and that her shell is just brown. I think that who ever thought of this concept is a genius and this type of commercial is long over due. We've all heard people say that the brown ones are better because there is less dye because chocolate is already brown but by making the male candy get confused by the brown shell, make this a one of a kind commercial. The choice of music was also a great touch and I know that every time anyone hears that song they will get an image of that little M&M stripping down and saying" I didn't know it was that type of party!" This ad can relate to people on different levels, a young women could relate to being at a lounge with guys trying to pick her up, just as a womanizing man could relate to being at a bar. this is an all around great modern advertising campaign that sets the bar.

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