Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Final project "The Pitch"

 Mac Lipstick Campaign Pitch

How do you pick your stick? Do you like it dark, light or in between? Are you a "Troublemaker" or a "Smash Hit?" Either way it's a "win win" situation because you will be "Infused with Glam," and your honey will love you to "Sweet Bits." Whatever color You choose you will look "Glaringly Hip" and everyone will say "Wham!" "Baby's on Fire!"

  This is sort of a skit that includes just some of the lipstick colors that MAC offers. The words or phrases that are in quotations are the featured colors. I plan to make the text the same color as the particular lipstick as well as have different personalities for each color. Once I had written this skit I had to ask myself "Does it sound stiff? Or like an annoying salesperson trying to sell you something? It should sound like something you'd say in conversation with a friend."


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