Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Final Project Promotion

This M.A.C campaign will be in the form of a commercial advertisement, "Commercial advertising promotes brands and commodities by informing consumers; it is also used to promote individuals, groups, corporations, manufacturers. Commercial advertising takes many forms, from single print advertisements to campaigns in any media to sponsorships to branded utilities." Advertising by Design: Generating and Designing Creative Ideas across Media.Wiley.Landa,R.(2010)(7)
This ad featuring Habebah Abdulrahim will be the ad to launch a of new M.A.C contest in which the winner will be the face of the next M.A.C lipstick campaign. The original ad that will launch this contest will be featured in magazines as well as posted in M.A.C stores nation wide.  when producing a print ad "A critical component is learning about the audience—the targeted, specified group of people at whom you are aiming your message, design, and solution."Advertising by Design: Generating and Designing Creative Ideas across Media.Wiley.Landa,R.(2010)(16)

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